4 Tips for Planning Your Funeral!

Let’s face this bitter reality- everyone is going to die unless you are a fictional character. If you care about your family and money, it will be a wise decision to start creating a funeral plan before the grieving begins.  If you don’t make a funeral plan, then your family will have to plan upon your passing while mourning your loss. Do you want them to make decisions about music selections and casket types while their hearts are breaking? Of course, you don’t. If it is challenging to have a plan, there are bodies like Safehands plan that will help. Here are tips that will help you prepare for this challenging inevitable time.

Burial or Cremation

Dust to dust ashes to ashes… do you want to be buried or to be cremated? Cremation has been growing over the years. Cremation is advantageous because it is cheaper, and you can distribute the remains to wherever you please. If you opt for a traditional burial, it is a bit costly. Many factors are considered, like permits, certificates, casket, obituary, and other miscellaneous expenses. Between cremation and burial, cremation is a bit cheap. It is upon you to choose beforehand how you would wish to spend your eternity. You will also save your family from making this critical decision and saves money as well.

Decide how to pay

When you make decisions in advance, you can set aside the funds or make prepayments. Otherwise, the funeral cost will fall on your family, and they may not be prepared. The funeral happens within the days of your death, and the family will not have direct access to the funds they will inherit. And not everyone will be able to raise vast sums of money within a few days.

Consider a prepaid plan

It is not a good idea to prepay for a funeral service, and valid reasons support this. It is expensive; the funeral home may decide to be out of business, not earning interest, and costly. But if you are comfortable, you can go for it. At least your family will know who to call when the inevitable occurs. Most important choices would have been made, and you have already planned and paid for everything. If you decide to purchase a funeral plan, shop around and find the one those appeals to you. At the very least, you will know how the function will be held at your fingertips.

Create Your Funeral Service

A funeral service will be more fun when you are alive because the choices will not be yours when you are gone. If you follow the steps above, the family will know the kind of funeral service that will be conducted. Now you can decide whether there will be an extensive service or a graveside service and later on a memorial service. You can determine the kind of readings and music you would like to be played.

Death may not be a happy time, but you would have given your family peace of mind by following the above tips. With the assistance of funeral home plan bodies like Safe handsplan, your funeral services will be held in the order you had wished.

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