4 Things Most Adults Avoid Talking About But Shouldn’t

There are a lot of taboo subjects we encounter throughout our lives. They also tend to vary by culture and even household to household. You may have gone over to a friend’s house in high school and been shocked to hear their parents openly discuss things like sex or drinking. In your house, that may have been close to chanting a demonic curse at the dinner table. While most of us tend to set our own rules and guidelines in adulthood, there are some commonalities the majority still tend to avoid. While these topics might not make good brunch chatter, they’re still important subjects worth contemplating. In fact, talking about them with the right people can bring you closer together and help you lead a more authentic life.

Personal Finances

Money is a sensitive topic, and while you shouldn’t bring it up with guests at a dinner party, it should play a role in your household. If one person controls all the money matters, this can lead to confusion, frustration and possibly even resentment. If you’re single and avoid thinking too long about your finances, ask yourself why. If you have anxiety from student debt or feel bad about how much you earn, it’s time to emotionally detach from these situations. Your worth isn’t dictated by your financial status. That being said, you still need to build money smarts so you can get the most out of your income.


No one wants to talk about dying, but it is a fact we all have to accept as human beings. The sooner you address all of its technicalities, the sooner you can get back to loving life. If you’re ever harmed or too ill to care for yourself, who will make calls about your medical care and estate? End-of-life planning helps you achieve peace of mind now by covering all the bases surrounding your death. To make the whole thing a lot easier, you can check out an end-of-life checklist online to get started. Dying will never be an easy thing to accept, but taking steps to lay out your finances and wishes makes it much easier on loved ones. If you have a family, you should also tackle drawing up a will and getting life insurance sorted.

Sexual Satisfaction

It’s a hard thing to sit down with your partner and tell them you don’t enjoy being together physically. Sexual health is an important part of a relationship, though the nuances vary from couple to couple. What matters most is not the frequency or type of intimacy but satisfaction of both partners. Communication is vital to a healthy relationship, and that goes double in the bedroom. Rather than avoiding hurting your partner, think about how a delicate but honest conversation could actually improve the time you spend together.


Religion is something a lot of people have learned to keep behind closed doors. After all, no one wants to be evangelized at the company holiday party. Part of being a mature adult means accepting the fact other people are entitled to their own beliefs. That being said, you shouldn’t be ashamed of yours so long as they do not discriminate against people. Challenge yourself to experience alternative views. If you’re a Christian, visit a mosque. If you have friends with different ideas about life, ask them about it. Aim for an open discussion with no defensiveness or debating. When you seek opportunities to learn from other people, your own beliefs grow and change for the better.

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