The Cryptocurrency Bubble 2018: What You Need To Know

Want to profit from the 2018 cryptocurrency bubble?

The crypto market is an incredible place – but it’s also extremely volatile too.

In fact, just recently I made 300% off Litecoin in 7 freakin’ days.

Don’t believe me? Check the screenshot below:

litecoin 300% gains

Yes – you did read it right! £483 turned into £1,520 in 7 days!

But to do this, you don’t have to be a ‘genius trader’…Or a ‘cryptocurrency ninja’.

All you have to do is take some risks on the volatility of the crypto market.

And in this guide, I’ll explain how to profit from the crypto bubble.

1. Frequently Asked Questions About The Bubble.

“Is Cryptocurrency really a bubble?”

“Is the Bitcoin bubble going to burst 90% any day now?”

“Is cryptocurrency simply too volatile to get into right now?”

“When is the best time to cash out?”

In this guide, I’m going to explain exactly how to profit from the 2018 cryptocurrency bubble.

I’ll answer all of your question above – plus much, much more.

2. “Is Cryptocurrency really a bubble?”

Well, let’s look at the world of crypto markets today.

…The price of cryptocurrencies are blowing up.

…They’re exploding.

…They’re making some people rich overnight!

Recently, NEM blew up 150% in 1 day last week!

I mean WTF…

If that’s not a bubble, I don’t know what is…

There’s no doubt that cryptocurrency has a lot of value.

But there’s also a lot of ‘dumb money’ in the market right now:


Because most people are just chasing the gold rush.

They’re not investing because they believe cryptocurrency will change the world, they’re simply pouring money into anything that looks like it could earn them some profit.

However, the technology of cryptocurrency has a ton of potential – and it’s just getting started.

3. The Bitcoin Bubble.

Right from the start, Bitcoin has been dismissed as a bubble over and over and over again…

In fact, Bitcoin has been declared dead over 212 times!

Meanwhile, it’s rise has been meteoric:

  • In 2017 alone, the price has jumped over 1,700%.
  • Bitcoin has already made it’s first billionaires.
  • And the ‘big players’ on Wall Street are finally beginning to cryptocurrency seriously.

So yea, that happened…

But now that cryptocurrency is finally hitting the mainstream, I’ve written this guide on how to to profit from the 2018 cryptocurrency bubble because I want to help others take advantage of this opportunity.

4. Why The Cryptocurrency Bubble Is A Huge Opportunity.

Let me explain…

When it comes to cryptocurrency, you have 3 categories of people.

You have the haters. The fan boys. And then there’s the people here just to make money.

Here’s an overview of each:

1. Haters: declare cryptocurrency is just a bubble that’s about to burst. They’ve been totally against the idea of cryptocurrency since the beginning. Some haters call crypto markets a ‘pyramid scheme’ or a ponzi – believing that it’s just one big scam that’s actually just worthless.

2.Then you have the ‘fan boys’: These guys declare that cryptocurrency means the death of all banks. I’ve heard some people preach about the ‘financial revolution’ – where the value of cryptocurrency will leave USD and other fiat currencies irrelevant.

3. The money makers: Somewhere in the middle! They’re investing in cryptocurrency to make money and profit from the crazy gains it’s making right now. They know there’s a future for cryptocurrency – but it might not involve Bitcoin, and it might not destroy every bank! They also realise that there’s a lot of overpriced cryptocurrencies out there which aren’t worth their salt.

Personally, I fall into category 3. Here’s why…

5. Dumb Money.

I love the idea of cryptocurrency. But let’s be honest:

There’s a lot of ‘dumb money’ floating around in cryptos too.

I don’t think it’s a scam or a pyramid scheme. The technology has potential – but it’s not ready for day-to-day usage just yet…

And today, no one really knows the true market price:

For example, in 10 years time, Bitcoin could be worth $10…

…Or it could be worth a million!

On a practical level, Bitcoin hasn’t been truly tested yet. Could you scale Bitcoin to handle millions of transactions every day? No one knows just yet!

6. Is The Cryptocurrency Bubble Too Volatile To Invest In?

Here’s what you need to understand:

Where there’s a bubble, there’s an opportunity too.

The 2018 Cryptocurrency bubble is an opportunity to profit – if you’re smart.

  • Yes, it’s an extremely volatile market.
  • Yes, some cryptocurrencies are tripling in value every week.
  • And yes, the market could crash any minute now.

But you should see this as an opportunity, not a threat.

Get in, trade up, cash out.

7. How To Manage The Risks Of The Crypto Bubble.

Whatever you do, never risk more than you can afford to lose.

This the golden rule when it comes to any type of investing.

And the beauty is, whether you’re trading cryptocurrency, hitting the forex exchange or betting how many pints your mate can down, this rule always applies.

So when it comes to the cryptocurrency bubble, your potential profits are insane – but so is the risk.

Here’s an example:

In 7 days, I tripled my Litecoin investment. This is not normal!

…So be smart:

If you’re on the edge and you desparately need that money – whatever you do, don’t wax the whole lot into Cryptocurrency!

The value of cryptocurrency could crumble at any time. But it could also triple at any time too.

That’s just the gamble you take.

8. Never Invest In Something You Don’t Believe In.

If you research a cryptocoin and you can’t see a future, don’t put your money in expecting it to explode overnight.

Sure it might hit a few highs when it’s first launched.

But as soon as it’s revealed as a fraud, your investment is extremely vulnerable. And that’s the danger of the 2018 cryptocurrency bubble – it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

You can’t afford to risk your investments on total garbage! So if you’re looking for some profitable trading tips, check out my 5 profitable cryptocurrency trading tips for 2018 here.

9. Following The Hype.

Some might say this isn’t the most sophisticated approach – but it works.

You see, cryptocurrency prices are all about supply and demand.

If demand is high, the price will boom…Especially during the 2018 cryptocurrency bubble!

An example is IOTA. Everybody loves it right now. And that’s why it’s skyrocketing in price.

So how do you find out where the hype is?

Here’s a few tips:

  • Check out Facebook groups: These are a breeding ground for cryptocurrency hype! And if a coin is being hyped on there, you just know it’s going to do well.
  • Reddit: Reddit is another discussion group where people can discuss the latest and greatest cryptocurrencies. Just take a look and see what’s trending.
  • Look out for media hype: You know the headlines – ‘X coin is the new Bitcoin’, ‘This cryptocurrency is about to explode’, ‘Bitcoin could surge 20 times higher‘ etc
  • Look out for the most traded coins. You can check out trading volumes here.
  • Learn how to analyse charts. Charts can tell you almost everything you need to know.

10. Coinbase Is King.

Coinbase is the most user-friendly platform you’re going to find in cryptocurrency right now…

It looks extremely similar to PayPal! And when you compare it to the likes or Bittrex or Poloniex, it’s miles ahead in terms of usability.

So why is that important?

Well, Coinbase owns a big chunk of the Bitcoin market. It’s the beginners starting point for buying cryptocurrency. In fact, even if you want to buy any other type of crypto, you’re pretty much forced to buy Bitcoin first!

So if Coinbase are hosting a cryptocurrency, you know it’s going to get the most exposure.

Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum are reaping the benefits of Coinbase’s following. And it’s rumoured that they’re adding more cryptocurrencies next year…

11. What Happens After The Bubble Bursts?

If you look at the crisis, loads of companies were destroyed. I mean literally, they were burnt to the ground overnight and never seen again.

That’s just what happens during a bubble…

But other companies, like Amazon and Apple dominated the crisis.

And whilst they took a big hit when the bubble burst, they recovered. They grew stronger. And today they’re some of the most powerful companies in the world.

Whether it’s the 2018 cryptocurrency bubble or the crisis, when the bubble bursts the weak will get eaten alive and the strong will grow to become more resilient that ever.

There’s 1 big difference though:

Companies go bankrupt. Currencies don’t.

Sure, they depreciate. But if the technology is good enough, they can easily recover. Just something to think about…

12. 3 Extremely Simple Trading Strategies For The Crypto Bubble.

So here’s 3 extremely simple trading strategies that will help you profit from the 2018 cryptocurrency bubble…

1. Invest In The Big Players.

First of all, you can take advantage of the crazy profits and growth that’s happening right now.

Cryptocurrencies are exploding. This is your opportunity.

However, make sure you cash out as soon as you can before the bubble bursts.

2. Buying The Dips.

When the 2018 cryptocurrency bubble bursts, you’ll also have the opportunity to bargain hunt.


Because the whole market will drop – some will drop by 80-90%.

That means you will find some really good entry points to get into the best cryptos e.g. you might discover that Bitcoin drops to less than $10k.

It’d be the equivalent of picking up Apple stocks right after the dot come crash.

The price will go up, as long you’re patient and hold.

Simply get in whilst it’s cheap – and then wait for it to recover.

3. Withdraw Your Principal Investment.

If you’re making good returns with your cryptocurrency – say you triple your investment – then just take out the original amount whilst you can.

I’d rather miss out on some extra profits – than get greedy and lose the whole lot.

If you cash out your initial investment, and keep the profits in, then you literally can’t lose anything.

…There’s no risk.

You’ve already got your original investment back and anything you make after that is profit.

For example, a week ago I put £500 into Litecoin:

It’s tripled in value since then. Now it’s worth over £1,600.

So I’ve taken out the original £500 – and I’ve left the rest in to grow.

If Litecoin goes bust, that’s OK – because I’ll simply break even.

And if Litecoin blows up again, that’s OK too. I’ve still left £1000+ to grow from the increase.

13. Is Now A Good Time To Invest In The Crypto Bubble?

You’re probably waiting for that perfect opportunity right?

But I can tell you that Bitcoin has grown at a ridiculous rate this year.

And if you’re waiting for the price to crash or fall, you might be waiting a long time! In fact, the last time it crashed was 5 years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, the 2018 cryptocurrency bubble will burst, but there’s still time to make a lot of money here.

And personally I’d say that if you want to make money from the 2018 cryptocurrency bubble, you shouldn’t wait any longer:

..Because everyday you delay, you’re losing out on valuable investment opportunities.

…Everyday, people are making money whilst you’re missing out.

…And whilst the 2018 cryptocurrency bubble is booming, you aren’t too late to get involved.

If you put $1,000 into just 12 months ago, you’d have over $18,000 now! Who knows what the price will be in the future!

14. Useful Links & Resources.

Here’s a few more links and resources if you want to learn more about the cryptocurrency bubble:

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