10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job & Start Your Own Online Business

Now this statement may sound crazy, I understand.

Why on earth would you quit your perfectly stable, hard-earned position that pays your bills and keeps your food on the table?

Because, thanks to the advancements of the modern age and computer technology, full-time jobs are simply no longer a necessity and more a routine held by the naive and unaware worker bees of today’s world that are yet to discover the beauty of passive income.

Working when you want to, how you want to, being the boss of yourself and having total geographical freedom to travel with loved once is the incentive driving many millions of entrepreneurs into ditching their 9-5 for a life of freedom and wealthiness.

This article will explore 10 of the best reasons you should leave your job and launch your own online business or start a blog.

  1. Being the master of your own fate

While, yes, full-time jobs may be considered ‘secure’ and ‘stable’ ways to earn money, this is a common misconception.

Being a worker for your boss is most certainly not a stable way to generate an income.

Regardless of your position, higher up management executives have the power to cast you aside if they see it as being better for their company.

Business is a dog-eat-dog world and, if you’re considered not to be pulling your weight, managers can easily cut off your ‘stable’ stream of income and leave you drowning in the deep end.

Don’t let this frighten you.

This is the time to change your mindset.

Let it entice you into spreading your roots wider and establishing multiple streams of income.

There are a plethora of articles out there ready to educate you in the world of passive income (have a browse around our website and you’ll find hundreds of ways to earn online).

Read up, learn the facts and escape the slave trade dressed up as ‘secure income’.

2. Freedom To Travel

Simply put, having a business that can be run from any device with internet connection is like being given keys to complete financial freedom.

Having a full-time job will tie you to a nearby location and force you stay there, threatening financial insecurity if you choose to move elsewhere.

Abandoning your day job and setting up streams of online income is a great way to have freedom to travel and explore the world, spending your time doing things you actually want to and not working 24/7.

If you really wanted, you could even volunteer a bit along the way – making your travels cheaper or take a Lubbock limo to travel in style.

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3. Quit being a number

It’s an unfortunate fact that many workers are treated like numbers – millions of tiny parts that make up a huge whole divided into employers and employees.

Even those in high managerial positions are still very much employees with the exception of the CEO.

Working for yourself allows you to break this pattern of being another cog in a machine.

4. Following your passion

Countless people spend 70% of their lives in a job they simply don’t care about.

Society has created a fast-flowing conveyor belt on which people are firmly glued from the age of around four right up until retirement.

Go to school, get an education, get a degree, go to university and work hard to get your grades so that you can get a decent paying job.

Or if you want to indulge your love of cars, check out this autocar’s guide.

We’ve all heard it before and although some have, many don’t question the system and follow instructions blindly without considering other options, being told that those that do go on to work independent of a full-time job are the exceptions.

This is wrong, and an utter lie.

Break the shackles of society and do it your way – set up your own sources of passive income. Invest some time into getting them started and reap the benefits for a lifetime.

5. Technology will replace you

The advancements of our modern technological world pose an unfortunate threat to many human-led careers.

Like it or not, computers are replacing many job opportunities and will likely overpower much of our world in the coming years.

Even marketers are being replaced with software – just look at software like Clickfunnels, Mailshake and ConvertKit!

Whether it be self-checkout machines, automatically driven taxis or online accounting services, computer technology is advancing at a rapid rate and is encouraging business owners to ditch paying their workers and to invest in technology that does everything for them.

Entrepreneurship, however, will not be replaced hence why you should get started with your business as soon as you can.

Here is a guide to migrating your business online from BizfundingHub


6. Starting a business has never been easier

Really, it hasn’t.

There are so, so many different options out there for you to get started online.

Dropshipping, retail arbitrage, affiliate marketing, stock investing, website flipping, selling on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, start a blog, writing eBooks – these are, believe it or not, a small handful of the ways in which you can start earning online.

Furthermore, starting a business has never been cheaper!

Setting up a profitable, long-lasting business can now be done with as little as a few thousands pounds and, while this may seem steep, you can earn this in very little time with the internet alone.

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7. Dreams

Have you ever dreamt of having a full-time job that binds you to a city and won’t let you leave without sacrificing your annual salary?

Of course not.

This is slavery in disguise and we all need to open our eyes to it.

Don’t let money be your master, take control and start living your dream now.

8. You feel like you can’t do anything else

Your job is making you feel trapped and like you can never escape. This is a good enough reason as any to quit.

You’re a human, the most intelligent lifeform known to exist.

Don’t undermine your capabilities and settle for contentment – be the exception.

9. Money is not the key to happiness.

Really, it isn’t.

Countless studies have shown that even the happiness lottery winners fizzles out after a few months or so.

You may not become an instant millionaire after quitting your job but you can spend time with your children.

Even if you’d have a newborn, you can still travel and work online (see this guide)!

In fact, travelling can even improve your chances of success (see this guide).

You can go out and spend time doing the things you life. You can go out for meals with your wife and spend your earnings on holidays.

Slaving away at a day job for money is not worth it when you have options to do so much more with your time.

10. Because you can

Simple. You can achieve your dream, so why wouldn’t you?

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