10 Quick Tips To Boost Your Social Media Marketing

We all know how important social media marketing is. But do we really know how to use it?

The problem with social media marketing so far

Whenever I check Twitter, my feed is still full of sell promotional posts.

That worries me. It’s like so many businesses are still stuck in 2010.

10 quick tips for success

However, it’s incredibly easy to improve your social media marketing efforts.

Especially if you’ve not had much success so far.

So here are 10 tips to quickly boost your social media marketing:

  1. Everything needs to provoke an emotional response. If you don’t create a response, you’re content probably isn’t good enough.
  2. Give give give – don’t give in to your temptation to self promote.
  3. Measure the success of social media marketing by the strength of your relationships with your followers. The number of likes and impressions you get simply aren’t relevant any more.
  4. Post natively to the platform you’re on. If it’s Twitter, hashtags are great. If you’re Instagram, your posts should host incredible imagery.
  5. The value you offer to your followers is incredibly important.
  6. Listen to your audience and find out what interests them.
  7. Create content as much as possible. Videos, infographics and blogs are great. Limited on time? Content creation 6 days a week is better than 5. 5 is better than 4 days. You get the picture.
  8. Be short and concise. We are distracted, limited on time and have incredibly short attention spans.
  9. Be consistent as a brand. People are very savvy and they know if you’re genuine or not. They can see through any false credibility. You need to be consistently true to your brand’s voice. Anything else causes confusion.
  10. Be human. People want to interact with your brand and they want to hear what you’ve got to say but only if you have human qualities. A personality goes a long way as a brand.

It’s no secret, the foundations of social media marketing are simple. But you need to invest in and respect this platform and take it seriously.

Half-hearted efforts won’t get you very far.